The Mill, mixing of Making Mirrors

In February 2010, I went to Melbourne for a few photo jobs : promotional shots for Intercooler, Sam Keevers, Leigh Barker and a few others. I also took some live shots of The Basics when they were recording their last album live, at the Northcote Social Club (you can see the photos in their limited edition vinyl).  During the same period, Wally de Backer who was working on his Gotye album “ Making Mirrors”, invited me to take some photos during one of the mixing sessions.

The mixing was done by Franc Tetaz assisted by Wally, at Andy Stewart’s self made audio studio “The Mill”.   Andy is editorialist for Audiotechnology magazine; a man with a wicked sense of humour.  Between Andy, Wally , Franc and Rupee many, many hours recording and analysing, delirium and inspiration conspired to produce some hilarious moments. You will understand as you look through the images below.  Take a minute to explore each image and you will discover the little sparks that lightened up the heaviness of the working process.

Franc and Wally were working on Eyes Wide Open, Dig Your Own Hole and Easy Way Out.

I will let the images speak for themselves…


87 thoughts on “The Mill, mixing of Making Mirrors

    • die mitarbeiter kommen authentischer rüber. er lächelt nur. nach dem erfolg kann er auch lächeln. immerhin ist sombody in meinen augen ein wahnsinns-erfolg. hoffe nur er macht neues. das gilt auch für kimbra. bin mir sicher: wenn beide als eigene gestalten, mit eigenen vorstellungen und eigener fantasie an die sache herangehen werden sie etwas schaffen. etwas das die alten meister in den schatten stellt. da bin ich mal gespannt ob sie diese herausforderung annehmen. sie könnten es.aber tun sie es?die kreativität und das können haben sie. die fantasie auch. genauso das einfühlungsvermögen. sonst hätten sie diesen song nicht schreiben können

  1. thank you for your beautiful eye, into andys world. such an inspiring world. so wonderful to have an appreaciative eye capturing it…

  2. Thankyou for sharing these wonderful shots. I am such a fan and feel so inspired by all that Gotye produces. Thankyou so much. Wally, you are amazing …LOVED your show at the Opera House. So SO good!

  3. Thanks,now I know that I am writing to you Alain 🙂 That was really a mistake…The moment I was writing I was sure that I wrote to Wally 😉 That’s a mess..sorry:)

  4. The picture with the dog and the man on the floor makes every girls heart melt away. The only question is: because of the dog or because of the man? 😉 …Just kidding… great pictures, because they are pure like the artist is, I think. And one can see, making musik is art, but it’s also work.

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  6. Alain, you are a great photographer..I love all of the pictures.. no 15&16 from the top are my favourite ones 🙂

    Greetings from Sweden

    /Gotye GotMY ♥

  7. Love these photos, really capture everything, emotions and what’s going on.
    I adore Wally De Backer, his music are the themes to my life, but the photographer’s talent is one to celebrate also.
    I love these! ❤

  8. Really fantastic photos! I’m a (terrible) amateur photog but only shoot still shots of jewelry….and I can’t do those well despite my newly purchased D3100. 😛 I think your shots are really excellent. It must also be nice when the subject matter is excellent, too! 😉 Nice work.

  9. Tus fotos están geniales 🙂 me encanta la del perrito jugando con Gotye en el suelo 🙂
    Your pictures are great!!! love “the Dog playing on the floor” one 🙂

  10. Simple = elegant. Simply elegant. Thank you for the beautiful photos and insight into the work of making music. So on a photographer’s work, how many pictures did you take total? What is the percentage of really great photos out of total number of photos taken?

    • Thank You,
      I took a few. What is the pourcentange ? 100% :). Seriously I don’t and I won’t tell It was an all day photo reportage. The selection was done to tell a story and describe the mixing process without unnecessary images.

  11. You are clearly unobtrusive and/or they felt very comfortable with you to get these relax and unselfconscious
    shots. They are great capture of both the focus and fun during the session. Thank you for sharing!

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  13. These pictures are really really really wonderful! I love the Black and White style! And are you French?! I love France, and I live next to it 😀 I live at XXmiglia, next to Montecarlo! You’ve got a new follower 😉 thanks for these photos, and sorry but my English is awful! Thanks again! I hope that you’ll have new photos soon!

  14. My name is Mariana and I’m from Puebla, Mexico. I must say that I haven’t fallen in love for somebody’s music like this since I discovered Oasis back in 1997. I find Gotye´s music refreshing and different. I´ve listened to his three albums over and over. Here in Mexico he´s not on the radio yet, but I´m counting on it to happen very soon so that he consider coming to perform in a concert.

  15. … thank you for the token Frodo shot. I enjoyed the photos – my eyes had to work. You did mostly black & white – any reason in particular?

      • I can see why. there is one shot there in the “blue” room – it’s amazing that you actually feel something more compelling from the one just below it in B&W. I think sometimes people today are being cheated by having so much reality at their fingertips… you don’t excercise the imagination at all. But the photos are like reading a nice old book. Cheers!

  16. “State of the Art” is my favorite song off Making Mirrors and it should be released as a single. Your photos are great. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Vos photos sont magnifiques (j’adore le noir et blanc pour toutes les nuances de gris que cela génère) et rien ne vaut les photos prises sur le vif (naturel garanti !). Dommage que je sois nulle en photo !
    Ambiance détenue …… mais studieuse !
    Tout ce petit monde à l’air de bien s’entendre !
    Et le résultat est là : L’album de Gotye est génial, même si j’ai toujours un petit faible pour le second album « like drawing blood », sûrement à cause de « Hearts a mess » dont le clip, la musique, et bien sûr la voix de Gotye sont une pure merveille…….. dont je ne me lasse pas.

    Bonne continuation pour votre travail (la photo vaut bien la cuisine et les deux ne sont nullement incompatibles ! (mon mari est cuisinier)

  18. C’est quand même hallucinant que personne parle de la photo du fondateur de la scientologie sur presque toutes vos photos ! Excellentes photos d’ailleurs. Mais donc, est-ce que Ron L. Hubbard est le dieu de tout ce beau monde ?

  19. They are all good, the snake and bird shots are very good….my daughter is into photography and she takes some really amazing animal shots….. some of the people/band shots are pretty intriguing too.

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