Strange wildlife

I  have only been in Australia for few years and Its fauna and flora is something new for me and never stop to amazed me.

Some unexpected meeting with the wildlife :

15th of September 2010

We went for a walk to Cannondale National park.

Beautiful walk. then we saw this Kookaburra trying to catch what we first though was a snake. It end up it was a huge worm, maybe 80cm.

Bad luck for him….

Sunday the 29th of August 2010.

Winter is close to its end, Cold blood stuffs are back and starving, watch your step !

This morning with Alice, we just saw this young Carpet python crossing the road near our house. i couldn’t resist to do a close up photo, it didn’t appreciate.

While i was looking through my old images. I found this one  i took en feb 2008 At Mary Cairncross Reserve.

Actually this Carpet was digesting a… Pademelon ! It took him  more than a week to eat it.

Shame on me, i can’t remember the name of  this common bug…

At the door of my house we have a frog pond, where live some Striped Marsh Frogs. Last year after a big rain I saw few of them mating :

Pretty isn’t it ?

2 Days later, i went to check the frog and then saw this waterspider under the bridge :

And saw it running  ‘on’ the water straight to the middle of the pond, to a  frog which only  had  is head above the water. And then…

Poor frog !

Oh well, it’s life but life is not always as scary :

I grow tomatoes in my veggie patch, i never get a chance to eat them.

Doesn’t this Huntsman look like it’s in the space ? taken by night from inside a window.

Not a ugly

I Found those small eggs on my veranda and email a museum dude and got this explaination :

The oval white objects on stalks that can be seen in your attached photo are actually the individual eggs laid by an Australian antlion/lacewing insect species (order Neuroptera. They are normally laid in a U-shaped line. Though very commonly seen in South Queensland they so small as to go unnoticed by most people. The insects themselves are harmless to humans.

back to the pretty wildlife : This green frog, not even a cm high was at our door.


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