Forgot about them

this is a series of photos i had forgotten about them and of course never done anything about them until recently because :

– i have  a short memory and   forgot i took them, or

– i wanted to process them later, never did , or

–  first,didn’t like and now i do like them, or

-they were pushed down on my ‘to do list’ and forgot about them, or

-i wasn’t sure how i wanted them to look like , or

– i wasn’t in the mood, or

-something else.

So i am looking through my archives and i am pulling out unseen, unprocessed, unpublished images when i can.

Thanks for looking at them…

Duporth Avenue, June 2007

West end, november 2007

September 2009 ,  strip club in Brissy

Cat empire’s crowd at Riverstage September 2009

Royal Hotel Tasmania October 2008


6 thoughts on “Forgot about them

  1. I love the hotel the way it is, full of promise, filled with memories, untouched. It saturates my imagination with possibilities!

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