Music Photography, portraits

A mix of promo shots and portraits

contact sheet Matt Glass web Matt Glass

Aly longmate by Alain BouvierAlys Longmate

sahara-beck-by-alain-bpuvier-webSahara Beck

Jordie Lane

Rev Sunday


Ange Takats

TinPan Orange



zebasicsmontagewebThe Basics

Tim Hart




Barry Morgan

Music Photography, portraits


Mike Rosenberg, the Passenger

Dallas Frasca

Liam Finn

Gotye riverbackstage websizecop-16

Bertie Blackman

Wally de Backer Check out  the page : The Mill, mixing of Making Mirrors for more photos

Tash Parker

Dan sultan


Little Red

Little Red Promotional photo on a NY based music website:

 Ash Grunwald

Alice Jones

The Black Water Fever

One of the promotional shots  I took For the Basics :

Following is a copy of the artwork booklet included  with the 300 limited-number vinyl of the Basics Live album recorded at Northcote Social Club on February 6, 2010. All the live photographs are mine.

And below the Basics Website featuring the same live photographs from the Northcote gig.

And from the series   The Mill, mixing of Making Mirrors   , next page,

AudioTechnology magazine (Au)

and Interface (nl)

cx79-ezine page 22

Keep checking this page, i’ll post more photos very soon.

All images are under copyright and may not be copied or downloaded or used in any way without express written permission


5 thoughts on “Music Photography, portraits

  1. You have some absolutely stunning images here. A real inspiration for a student photographer. You have a really great eye for capturing the right moment on a face, and your subjects look very much at ease with the camera.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. J’aime beaucoup la sensation de “texture” (!!) des photos ‘Jordie Lane’, ‘Little Red taken by night’, Intercooler’, ‘Mike Rosenberg, the Passenger’… je n’y connais rien en photos, mais beaucoup de plaisir à regarder celles-ci….

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