HUSKY, Another Band Shot

Do you know HUSKY ?

A few months ago, as most of us ,I discovered them  on Triple J Unearthed and  since really like their music and as we say in my home country, there is ” un je ne sais quoi ” – Talent certainly  ?- that put  them a cut above the rest.

You should have a listen to them  and follow what they are doing : they are going to be Big. It is for a good that Triple J has included them on their list of Next Crop artists to watch in 2012.

Last week, they played in my town, Eumundi.  When a band come to you, it should be easy to organise some photos.

Unfortunately for me, we did them  late in the afternoon while it was raining so not enough day light and my lighting messed up. I couldn’t do what i had in mind.

But, Here is what i did :

You are welcome to comment and critic.


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