Snakes are back

Or have never leaved the place…..

It’s start to be warm on the Sunshine Coast and the snakes seem to love it and to make the most of it. Around the house, very close i should say we spotted 3 different snakes in 2 days.  2 Carpets an a keelback. So far so good they are like pets and non-venomous.

i took a close up of the skin of the first one

this one was hunting   frogs in the  pond next to the house.

Btw i haven’t heard any marshfrog tonight .

She or he didn’t like me  to be so close while she/he is digesting. You can see its big bailey.


One thought on “Snakes are back

  1. These are really great, as are all of your shots! I wish I was half the photographer you are!Are you actually going to keep the snakes? They’d be great for keeping stray relatives away, that’s for sure…

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