Hello world,

I hardly do any photo comp, as i usually miss the deadline.

But i couldn’t miss this one.

The NME MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS.  The comp is open to public online voting and are judged as well . It must be a portfolio of 5 images taken less than a year ago. The images must work together to form a cohesive portfolio. Pictures will be judged independently and as a set.

The chance to win are slim but it’s already exciting to have some photos on The NME Website.

Check them out by clicking on them or ont he links below and take a sec to vote,  (you have the choice from Amazing to… Rubish, ahah)

To have a cohesive portfolio i decided to enter a selection of images of the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL 2010/2011.

Of course,  my entries are music performances, a selection of my best shots but also they represent for me  special times  of the Festival   .

Enjoy !


For this  first image, of YOU AM I, when i arrived in the pit my  thought was i would only capture ,from there, , “déjà vu ” ,boring, images of a well known band . Instead, I climb the hill to have an overall  view of the Amphitheatre and when i saw the spotlights moving toward the crowd,  I knew i had my shot. I exposed the photo to be sure i capture the rims



The day before, Tim Rogers, leader of You Am I, was playing solo. For some reasons he was pretty moody, piss off and provocative, or maybe it is the way he is. Once again the lighting grab my attention. I think  I caught the atmostphere of the show.



the evening i took this one, Arrested Developpment was playing on the main stage and (un)fortunately, no professional photographers were allowed to take images.

Was perfect for me, as my preference goes for human scale shows and iwent to see a band i knew for being great on stage:  The Baron Of Tangs, Melbourne”s pionneer of Gypsys Deathcore how the y call themselves. They were awesome . I Did a few good photos from the pit, danced a bit and toward the end of the show went to the back of the venue, climbed on a chair to enjoy the performance.And big suprised when One Love from arrested developpment walked nearby the venue and asked to come on stage and played a couple of improvised songs with TBOT.  on my chair i had the perfect point of view.



Festivals are great place to discover artist that you wouldn’t normaly listen to. So much music on the market, it’s hard to know everyone. Anyway Someone told me to have a go with Dan Mangan, a Canadian artist, and i did. His music and his show was great, accompagned by an excellent band. Dan played its last song in the crowd with the crowd.



No need to introduce Rob Hirst, founding member of Midnight Oil. He and two other former members of Midnight Oil, Moginie and Rotsey, had teamed up with Violent Femmes  bass player Brian Richie to form a new surf rock band, The Break

I was very impressed by his performance,In this photos  i tried to catch his energy and the fun he was having went playing.


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