Pecha Kucha Sunshine Coast

A friend of mine suggested me to register  with her to do a Pecha Kucha Presentation.(PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically and you talk along to the images.  Check out this link for more details : )

It’s what i did, expecting her to come along and to do it with me. Unfortunatly, she had to cancel and i ended up doing it alone. What a great experience to be able to present and talk about you work in public . But i was so frightened.  I eventually did it and here is my presentation :

I take different kind of photographs but i would like to talk to you about a subject I am particularly fond of which is portrait and People’s photography.

I would like to show you how the place, the pose, the techniques but also the model, the photographer and few others factors can influence the perception and the interpretation of portraiture.

Beyond the document, it is possible to see in the image what it is not the image, to see what i would like  you to perceive or what you would like to see.


Let’s start with selfportraits I can’t  really talk in public with confidence but I have no difficulty to take a self portrait.

This series was taken at a time where I was feeling uncomfortable and I didn’t have the words to say it.

These photos were recorded like a diary you keep to express your grief and not for the pleasure of taking my photo. I let you imagine what was going through my mind at the time I did these photos

Portrait with no face

There is as well in photography the essence of the model which couldn’t be translated by any aspects of its appearance.

Maybe by hiding or modifying the main element of the appearance, the face, we could distinguish more clearly the being of the model without any prejudice against him or her.

With no faces, These images become  a support to our imaginary which need this little trigger to associate ideas and images but also a support  to  reveal to ourselves our buried emotions, they become a support  to reveal our ability to dream and to tell a  story from almost nothing.



Here , my approach of portraiture is almost classic. But despite a semblance of objectivity, in these photos, I am incarnated in the model present on the photograph.

Knowing each other for a very long time, a little, or not at all their portrait become my projection, I take the image of what I feel at this time.

The model, the place, my attitude and more than anything the moment selected to take the pictures are my decisions.

When you contemplate them, each of these photographs become a subjectivity: mine, the one of the model and yours.

I simply want to share my approach of portraiture, the way I see people, the way It helps me to communicate and to  tell what I want and how you can hear and see what you want.


Nevertheless, it happens too that I honestly catch a real snapshot of others life’s intimacy beyond what I give away .

With the depth and thruth of people expressions, It’s a story of Love

In these instants, these  meetings and these  images, It’s a story of Luck

with this photos inviting us to remember that what  is existing  in us is us, that What we forget is the only thing which can be Lost.


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