Portraits, slices of lifes

I want my images to be strong,to talk for me better than i do.  It doesn’t work all the times, but sometimes my goal is reached …

Lola is born Christmas day, Clementine is 2 years old And Kate  . 7/02/2011

My 2 nieces, Siam 6 years old and Anais 2 1/2 years old,  live in Tahiti, French Polynesia.I live in Queensland, Australia.I miss them, i met few times  Siam  but haven’t met Anais yet.Thanks to internet for making me so grateful each time i can talk to and see them.

Clementine again, no need to say a word.

I have just joined the ABC OPEN Camera Club group, Which propose some very interesting and challenging audio-visual project. One is about taking photos of strangers, Here is my first contribution :

Here is my first image for the project image of a Stranger.
I live in Eumundi, I am a French Chef by trade and photographer.
For my first image I went to Kenilworth and couldn’t approach anybody, I became to shy.
Until I met a friend who asked what I was doing here. I told her and at the same time she pointed at “ a stranger” across the road and said with a big smile “try with him, he is French”.
It’s what I did and It’s how I met Daniel  a French chef ,as me, who has ran a Restaurant in Kenillworth for many years. We talked a lot, sharing the story of our life in Australia.
What an interesting start !

second image  of the series “Portrait of a Stranger” :

The bee man

At Boreen Point, this afternoon, i met, Charlie Hacker , ” The Bee Man”. A Bee keeper from Pomona. Who is as well a volunteer sailing instructor.He was there for the sailing race of his young students.
I spotted him with his big white beard and his face covered of white sunscreen and, of course, thought he would be an interesting person to photograph. When i approached him and asked for the photo, he laughed saying that he is asked for a photography all the time and that he has been part of an ABC documentary.
Thanks for your Time Charlie, I’m looking forward to trying your Leatherbox Honey.


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